A Lamastre, en cette saison, Dominique et Patrick CHAMBLAS perpétuent la tradition et nous font découvrir le principe de la distillation.
Un lieu proche pour la vaccination contre la morosité.
(Bien entendu à consommer avec modération).

Une réponse à to “L’Alambic”

  • […] The reduction in numbers is the result of a government decree of 1959 ending a farmer’s right to pass on his distilling privileges to his inheritors, which has inevitably led to a decline in production of hard alcohol and presumably a corresponding improvement in the nation’s health. The bouilleurs de cru, who are all obviously pretty ancient by now, have the right to distil up to 10 litres without paying tax. Other people are allowed to distil their own fruit, but must pay 17.18€ tax per litre. The distillery operates under very strict rules and the distiller has to keep meticulous records of each day’s activity. No spirits can be taken away until 6 pm so that the total amount may be accounted for in case of an inspection by customs and revenue officials. It can hardly be a viable commercial operation for anyone involved, but the annual event down by the river draws a loyal little group of clients who appreciate Dominique and Patrick’s efforts to keep the tradition alive. To see a little film of the distillery in action, which is in French, but very atmospheric, click here. […]

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